School administrator check list

Playoff check list for coaches (click link)


Form Location Due Date
Catastrophic Insurance DragonFly – Vault-Fill Out A Form August 1
Membership Form DragonFly – Vault-Fill Out A Form August 1
Security Plan DragonFly – Vault-Fill Out A Form Prior to first game
Eligibility Certification Form DragonFly – Vault-Fill Out A Form August 1

Sports Schedules

Sport Location Due Date
Football DragonFly Due May 15
Slow Pitch Softball, Volleyball DragonFly Due May 15
Swimming, Cross Country DragonFly Due May 15
Basketball, Soccer DragonFly Due Aug. 15
Bowling, Powerlifting DragonFly Due Aug. 15
Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball DragonFly Due Dec. 15
Golf, Tennis, Track, Archery DragonFly Due Dec. 15


Eligibility Rosters DragonFly Due prior to first game (including Classic)
Concussion Form DragonFly Roster/Stored on site Due before first practice
Consent Form DragonFly roster/Stored on site Due before first practice
Physicals DragonFly roster/Stored on site Due before first practice
Transfer form DragonFly Must be approved before student can play

Student (All Sports and Activities)

Pre-participation Physical Form
Pre-participation Clearance Form
Pre-participation Concussion Form
15 – Day Acclimatization Period
Preseason Parent / Student / Coach Meeting

Coach (All Sports & Activities)

First Aid Certification (5 yr. recertification period, American Red Cross)
C.P.R. Certification (2 yr. recertification period)
Concussion Course by NFHS (Head Coaches)
NFHS Heat Acclimatization Online Course (recommended)
Preseason Rules Meeting Requirement
Fitting Equipment / Equipment Check / Facilities Check
Knowledge of Safety Rules & Dates for Practice & Game

School Administration (Principal, Athletic Director)

Security Plan for Practice, Games, & Events
Venue Checklist for Hosting Events (MHSAA Checklist)
After – School Action Plan (NCSS4) (Campus Security)
Emergency Action Plan (Anyone Can Save A Life)
Inclement Weather / Lightning / Evacuation Plan
Automatic Electric Defibrillators (AED’s)


Please see the details located in this document:

Para-Professional Procedures


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