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3 months ago @ 8:00PM

2018 Birdie Bash Info

Dear Players:


We are looking forward to having you join us for the 15th annual Lafayette Jeff Golden Broncho Club Birdie Bash at Coyote Crossing Golf Course on Saturday August 18, 2018.  We are hopeful that we will again have a full field in both the AM and PM sessions.  Hopefully, we will have a beautiful, sunny day like we die last year.  As always, if you have a preference to playing in the morning or afternoon, please get your registration form in EARLY as we will fill the fields on a “first come, first serve” basis.


As a direct result of your participation, this event has raised over $450,000 for the Jeff and Lafayette School Corporation athletic programs. 


Please complete the registration form by (CLICKING HERE!) , checking your choice as to AM or PM preference for the golf, sizes for the favor (jacket/shirt), names, phone, email, etc. and your check to Maurie Denney. AND, FEEL FREE TO INCLUDE A DONATION AS A HOLE SPONSOR ($150), EXCLUSIVE HOLE SPONSOR ($500) or EXCLUSIVE HOLE SPONSOR AND TEAM ($800, a SAVINGS OF $200), OR WITH AN ADDITIONAL DONATION.  It all goes to a great cause.  HELP US OUT!  Make several copies of this form and try to get us some other players and sponsors.


If you are unable to attend this year, we would certainly appreciate any donation that you might send.    Even if you don’t play golf, sign up and join us for the dinner and fellowship.


See you on August 18th.  Go Bronchos!


Mark Strader

Jack Walkey



Coyote Crossing Golf Course

Saturday, August 18, 2018


 Birdie Bash Entry Form


Comments or Questions call Jack Walkey at 765-491-4690

Hole Sponsor--$150 Name on tee & recognized in program (tax deductible)


____     Exclusive Hole Sponsor--$500 Only name

            on tee, larger sign, recognized in program

            and access to tee area for any special

            promotion you may have (tax deductible).


____     Exclusive Hole Sponsor & Foursome--$800


____     Player--$125 for individual player


____     Foursome--$500


____     Dinner--$10 if unable to golf, please join us

            for dinner to visit with former players and coaches.


____     Donation--Recognized in the program and tax

            deductible.  I cannot attend, but would like to

            make a donation of $_________ to support

            future Lafayette Jeff Athletes.


Total Amount $ ________________


Hole Sponsors please provide name to be on sign




Contact Information for person filling out the form


Name ________________________________________

Address ______________________________________

City, State, Zip ________________________________

Home Phone __________________________________

Work Phone __________________________________

Cell Phone ___________________________________

Email _______________________________________

AM ___                                   PM ____


Individual/                                                           Jacket/Shirt

Foursome                                                                Size

                                Please indicate with a W for a woman size                                                                   

1._____________________________               _______


2._____________________________               _______


3._____________________________               _______


4._____________________________               _______


Please mail and make checks payable to: 


Golden Broncho Birdie Bash, c/o Maurie Denney, 24 Imperial Pl.,

Lafayette, IN  47905




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